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TRU Ball Predator

TRU Ball Predator - with Velcro Strap

Economy meets the market again with the new Predator dual caliper release.

The Predator is completely silent, a sought after quality demanded by the professionals for all hunters alike!

This new small sized caliper release packs a punch in the slow economy. All the quality our customers have come to expect, in a fully micro-adjustable wrist strap release.

Similar to the Bandit and Assassin housing, the Predator features the same 1/2in sized ergonomic head and jaws, attached to a swivel, to completely remove torque from the string or D-Loop as the bowstring is drawn. Simply pull the trigger to open the jaws, and let up on the trigger to close the jaws.

The all new micro adjustable screw to wrist strap connection allows infinite length settings to fine tune any draw length or anchor point desired.

Available in a black anodized head with a camo velcro strap, a black buckle strap or with the Speed Buckle connection.


  • Camo velcro strap
  • Black leather buckle strap
  • Black leather Speed Buckle strap

Strap Sizes:

  • Junior
  • Large
  • XL

TRU Ball Predator - with Buckle Strap
TRU Ball Predator - with Buckle Strap