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Carter Honey 2

Carter Honey 2

The Honey 2 is the Sweetest and Safest hinged back tension release ever!

The Honey 2 allows you to switch between how you want to manipulate the safety by turning a set screw. If you want to hold in and have the safety push itself out like on the Honey-Do, then adjust the set screw in the safety in for more tension on the spring. If you want the safety to lock in place while drawing and then manually push it out like on the original honey, back the safety tension screw out. The safety tension adjustment screw allows you to choose how you want to manipulate the safety.

Smooth handle with no finger grooves for the ultimate in a universal fit, small medium and large hands.

Improved internal hinge for sleek new looks and improved design.

Sear engagement between the moon and jaw is adjustable with the set screw in the moon.

Carter Honey 2
Information supplied courtesy of Carter Enterprises.