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Doinker Fatty Sidebar - 10in - (FDSB10) - SALE
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Doinker Fatty Sidebar

Doinker Fatty Sidebar

A larger diameter stabilizer constructed from a light weight multi-modulus carbon rod with an outside diameter of 0.875in. Superior in strength and capable of holding a large amount of weight for maximum stability. Ideal for indoor shooting situations.

The fixed mounted Doinker Supreme (DS1) allows the archer to fully adjust the flex/tension of the Doinker to better absorb residual vibration. Includes an aluminium Universal Double Stack weight (USWL).

Black colour.


  • 10in - 4.2oz (FDSB10)
  • 12in - 4.6oz (FDSB12)
  • 15in - 4.9oz (FDSB15)

Information provided courtesy of Doinker