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A-Bar Field Stabilizer

The new A-Bar Field Stabilizer is the most advanced field stabilizer ever created. The A-Bar allows you to independently move each earm one click at a time via the integrated Power Grip Washer system. The A-Bar has the same sturdy design features found in all our Platinum mounts so it can hold any amount of weights.

If you are after a stabilizer with adjustable weight/balance and vibration dampening then look no further!

Length: 11 3/4in overall

Weight: 14.6oz


  • 1x QDC
  • 1x Sturdy carbon bar with machined aluminium caps
  • 1x Fully adjustable A-Bar Mount
  • 2x 1" Doinker Supremes - black colour (DS1)
  • 2x GEN 5 Doinkers
  • 2x Double stack black steel Universal Weights

Product code: A-BAR-F

Doinker A-Bar Field Stabilizer
Information provided courtesy of Leven Industries, USA...