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AAE/Cavalier Fletch III - Basic Fletching Tool

Arizona Fletch III - Basic Fletching Tool

Arizona Fletch III - Basic Fletching Tool

Arizona Fletch III - Basic Fletching Tool

The Fletch III by AAE is a simple arrow fletching tool designed for archers and bowhunters. It has a fixed 1 degree offset and fits arrows .240in to .370in diameter (ACC dia. to 25xx aluminium dia.)

Each component is specifically designed from materials that enhance that component’s function. For example, the clamp is made of a highly rigid material that glue will not stick to because it contains Teflon and silicone.

The X-Stand/Arrow Holder is designed for different sizes of arrow shafts. It is labelled with an “L” (large diameter) and an “S” (small diameter) to indicate which side of the stand to use.

  • Fletching made simple!
  • Easy-to-use
  • Accurate
  • Affordable
  • Portable
  • Build identical arrows every time!
  • Designed and manufactured in the USA
  • Patent Pending

The Fletch III is a simple straight forward tool to use.

Before you start, assemble the Fletch III and let it set over night. Because of the way materials ‘relax’ after repeated use, the base/clamp fit is designed tight so that after you use it many times there will still be a precision fit between parts. The clamp should go into base firmly. The Fletch III has a 1-degree off set on the clamp. This 1-degree is on a flat plane and not rotational degrees around the arrow shaft.

Decide which size arrow you are going to be fletching and make sure the arrow X-stand has the correct side up. The ‘S’ is for smaller shafts up to .299 in diameter, and aluminum shafts 1916 and smaller. Most carbon shafts will use the ‘S’ side. Use the ‘L’ for larger shafts.

Remove clamp from base so that the arrow can be easily placed in the nock receiver and X-stand. Push nock into receiver firmly holding the receiver body. Because the Fletch III is able to be disassembled you may want to glue or screw the receiver body and base together. Simply place a few drops of glue around the end of the base that goes into the body and push together firmly. Let glue dry.

The best way to rotate arrow to the next fletching position is once the arrow is attached to the nock receiver you should be able to pull arrow from receiver body with nock receiver attached and rotate arrow to next groove in body. Place vane in clamp and locate to desired mark on clamp. There is no rule for which mark or what location the vane should be in. The marks are there for a reference so that you can put each vane on the same mark each time.

If this is your first time fletching arrows, it is recommended to practice placing vane in clamp having arrow in nock receiver, aligning clamp with base and gentle push down on arms until vane comes in contact with arrow shaft. Then remove clamp and rotate nock receiver to next position. After a couple times you should have the feel for using the Fletch III. When you are ready to fletch arrows place vane in clamp have arrow in nock receiver and X-stand. Using the molded rib on side of vane clamp apply appropriate amount of glue to base of vane. Slide clamp into alignment holes and gently push down on clamp arms till the vane comes in contact with arrow shaft. Leave clamp and vane together until recommended amount of time per vane instructions. When enough time has elapsed, gently squeeze clamp together and pull straight up holding the base down. Rotate arrow shaft and nock receiver to next position and repeat process, remembering to place vane in same position in the clamp. With these easy to use instructions you will be able to build identical arrows every time.

Remember to always store clamp in base.

Information provided courtesy of Arizona Archery Enterprises Inc.