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Beiter Centralizer - ALL BLACK

An all new limited edition Beiter Centralizer colour.

Due to public demand Beiter have produced all black stabilizer parts including covers, adapters, tuners and V Bar to create the ALL-BLACK set.

This highly requested colour is also available at just one price for any 3G (or 4G) combination in any length.

Set includes...

  • 1x Long Rod fitted with 3 (or 4) tuners and long 28mm length 5/16in thread
  • Weight Adapter with Hood
  • 2x Short Rods
  • 1x Extender
  • 1x 90x0 Pin V-bar

Additional ALL-BLACK Tuners are also available separately when purchased with an ALL-BLACK set.

Beiter Centralizer - ALL BLACK - long rod with 28mm long thread

Beiter Centralizer - ALL BLACK - long rod with Weight Adapter and Hood

Beiter Centralizer - ALL BLACK - tuner
Information supplied courtesy of Beiter...