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Beiter Balance Clips

balance clips

  • No serious archer should be without one of these.
  • Used to measure Forward of Centre (FOC).
  • 2 models available: One to suit carbon arrows, the other suits both carbon and aluminium arrows.

When ordering a Beiter Balance Clip please state model required - SMALL (suits carbon arrows only) or LARGE (suits alum & carbon arrows).

The importance of FOC

The reason for using a particular balance point forward of centre is not always clear although we know that a balance point behind the centre line will produce very bad flight, it must therefore be true that how far forward of the centre point will also have some bearing upon the flight characteristics of the shaft.

Beiter Balance Clip in use

We accept that on aluminiums the FOC should normally be between 7 and 9%. But since the advent of the ACE and to a lesser degree ACC shafts we have become acustomed to shafts with 12 or 15% FOC.
If you watch an arrow in flight especially on a windy day, you will see the difference. The more forward of centre produces a ‘tail happy’ action with the point dominating the direction where as the aluminium will steer to the target with a nice even arc. I believe that Carbon Tech shafts shoot best in the 7-9% range and ACE in the 12-15% range and maybe more forward than that. Whilst the FOC is not critical at a specific figure it is always useful to know what it is to judge what weight points will best suit your shafts.

How to measure FOC.

FOC (Forward of Centre)

Measure the length of your arrow from the nock groove to the end of the shaft. This is length "L".
Clip the Beiter balance onto your arrow. Using a smooth flat surface, reposition the clip until the arrow balances.
Measure the distance "A" from the nock groove to the centre of the Beiter Balance Clip.
Put the numbers into the formula to get the percentage figure of FOC (Forward of Centre).

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