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Angel ASB Majesty Serving

Angel ASB Majesty Serving

Angel ASB Majesty Serving - colours

  • Stocked Sizes / Colours:
    • 60m - 0.026in - Black
    • 80m - 0.021in - Black
    • 80m - 0.021in - White
    • 80m - 0.021in - F-Blue
    • 80m - 0.021in - F-Pink
    • 80m - 0.021in - F-Yellow
    • 80m - 0.021in - Royal Blue
    • 80m - 0.021in - Royal Red
    • 100m - 0.018in - Black
    • 120m - 0.015in - Black

[Information from Angel]

ASB Majesty Serving is the most excellent serving material in the world. Our exclusive technology incorporates Dyneema filament entwined with monofilament in a perfect, tight circle.

- ASB Majesty Serving grips a string so tight, it's as if driving a wedge against the strands. It's characteristics make it exceptionally resistant to slipping and spreading, as Majesty serving keeps it's perfect circle shape while in place. Nocking points and D-loops also enjoy this added resistance to movement.

- Excellent form stability prevents nocks from loosening as well so the best consistency can be achieved upon releasing the arrow from the string. This consistency also means that peep sights are less prone to rotating.

- The characteristic of being hard to flatten out lessens the problem that most servings have as they are squashed and brace height decreases.

- ASB Majesty Serving grips your tab also. The form and stability keeps a perfect circle and the contact area between a string and tab is remarkably narrow. The friction coefficient between this serving and a tab is extinghuished to the utmost, and releasing an arrow is amazingly smooth.

- Because ASB Majesty Serving is coated with a thermally bonded resin, it is impervious to ultraviolet rays and rain. As the result, the ability of a string is not changed under these various conditions.

- ASB Majesty Serving is incredibly efficient as a serving for crossbows. Because, the character of being hard to be flatten out keeps the central position of the string unchanged and the nock is pushed out at the same position every time. As the result, a bolt is less affected from the usual serving wear keeping string travel and tune consistent. The results are easily measured in the bull's eye.

Information provided courtesy of Angel Co. Ltd., Japan