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Gray Archery
Gray Damp Bridge

Gray Damp Bridge

GRAY Archery represents the best in South African produced archery equipment, specialising in ultra stiff custom-made stabilizers for competition and hunting archery.

GRAY Archery believes that when all the months of practice are behind you, when you are on the shooting line about to start your elimination match or when you are about to shoot your trophy animal, it comes down to Only One Shot. We want to make that shot count and we do it by providing high quality, hand crafted, custom-made archery equipment for the archer who demands high performance from their equipment.

The Gray Damp Bridge is designed for use with the Gray Archery AIX recurve riser. Hollow carbon fiber construction provides an excellent vibration absorbing material. With the Damp Bridge you can change the stiffness and vibration response of the bow for a completely different feel. 80g mass weight.

Gray AIX riser fitted with a Gray Damp Bridge

GRAY Archery is the story of a lifetime of innovation and experimentation by an avid archer. Graeme Lindner, the founder of GRAY Archery, found his love for archery at a very young age, making bows out of palm tree leaves and car springs alike.

Growing up, Graeme had the opportunity to use his father’s workshop and let his imagination soar. This soon led to a love for all things mechanical and eventually a degree in Mechanical Engineering at the University of Pretoria in 2010, with his final year thesis consisting of designing a multi-length, multi-sided recurve riser as well as the design of a shooting machine.

In 2012 he represented South Africa at the World Indoor Championships in Las Vegas, as well as the All African Continental Champs where he obtained the title of African Commonwealth Champion in the recurve men division.

At the African Championships, Graeme experienced stabilizer equipment failure not once but twice, and this was the start of Gray Archery. When Graeme returned to South Africa he made it his mission to design better and stronger equipment for himself using his skills as a mechanical engineer.

The first prototype of Gray Archery was created on the 17th of November 2012; a 33inch 2.5 mm wall thickness model S1.3. Since then, top recurve and compound archers have taken notice of the superior quality that comes hand-in-hand with the handcrafted stabilizers produced by Gray Archery and have purchased equipment that is customised specifically to their needs.

GRAY Archery believes in constant product innovation, as well as having a personal relationship with its customers, ensuring customer satisfaction.

Information provided courtesy of Gray Archery