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Doinker Avancee V-Bar Set (2x SHORT RODS) - (DSV) - Silver - SALE
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Doinker Avancee

Doinker Avancee Carbon V-Bar Set

Previously known as the Doinker Supreme, this product has been rebranded as Avancee from 2017. The most durable, effective and efficient dampener! The Doinker Avancee Carbon V-Bar Set includes two short rods each fitted with an aluminium weight only. Product refs DSV8, DSV10, DSV12

Also available in black colour.


  • DSV8 - 8in length - 5.7oz
  • DSV10 - 10in length - 6.0oz
  • DSV12 - 12in length - 6.4oz

Bushing: 5/16in thread.

Weight: 1/4in thread.

Information provided courtesy of Doinker...