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Black Eagle Break-Off Point for Deep Impact (doz)
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Black Eagle
Black Eagle Deep Impact points

Black Eagle Deep Impact points

These high precision stainless steel adjustable break-off glue-in points fit Deep Impact shafts. They are made of 303 stainless steel and they are the first of their type. These points are perfect for target & 3-D shooting. These points are adjustable with two break-off weight segments.

  • Glue in point from Black Eagle
  • Around 50% stronger than standard stainless steel.
  • Break off design for simple weight adjustment.
  • Material: 303 Stainless Steel / 416 PH stainless steel
  • Type: One Piece, glue in
  • Weight Range: 140 and 120 grain
  • Compatibility: For Black Eagle Deep Impact shafts.


  • 120 grain - (416 PH stainless steel) - 120-100-80gn
  • 120 grain (for 600-1000 spine) - (416 PH stainless steel) - 120-100-80gn
  • 140 grain - (303 stainless steel) - 140-120-100gn