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Beiter V-Box Colour Upgrade Kit
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Beiter V-Box Colour Kit

Beiter V-Box Colour Kit

Are you looking to upgrade from a standard silver colour V Box? The Beiter V Box Colour Kit includes a pair of aluminium shells in either blue, green, orange, purple or red anodized colours plus 5/16in-24 mounts and steel washers.

Anodized Colours:

  • Blue
  • Green
  • Orange
  • Purple
  • Red

We are happy to introduce the NEW BEITER V-BOX COLOUR in the V-BOX line-up available now!

The Beiter V-BOX proved not only to be a HOT SELLER worldwide! Top archers over the world are using it!!!

Both available versions, the Beiter V-BOX along with the Beiter V-Box STEEL, are very well accepted. But, as you know, colours are reigning the world!!

So we decided in cooperation with Arc Systeme to produce an aluminium version of the Beiter V-BOX to upgrade the standard model to one of following 5 anodized colors: Blue, Red, Green, Orange and Purple.

The weight difference to the original Beiter V-BOX is minimal!

The Beiter V-BOX COLOUR is available only as spare parts, coming with six stainless steel washers and a pair of anodized aluminium shells.

Threads: 5/16"-24 supplied as standard. With adapters it fits also 1/4" IN or OUT threads.

Beiter V-Box Colour Kit - Blue


Beiter V-Box Colour Kit - Green


Beiter V-Box Colour Kit - Orange


Beiter V-Box Colour Kit - Purple


Beiter V-Box Colour Kit - Red


Information supplied courtesy of Beiter...