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CBE Vertex 3D

CBE Vertex 3D:

The new CBE Vertex 3-D is designed for the 3-D specialist with its 2” of vertical travel adjustment and the CBE premium features that will help you win!

Top of the range compound sight features laser engraved aluminium yardage scales, a new detachable scope mount for easy travel and a quad-track alignment system that adds stability.

  • Vertical travel adjustment of 2"
  • Detachable scope mount for easy traveling
  • Dovetail elevation gang adjustment with visual laser engraved markings
  • New Quad-Track™ four-track stability alignment system eliminates rocking/rattling
  • Micro adjust windage unit with laser engraved markings and indicator window
  • Custom extension bar with multiple laser marked locking positions
  • Elevation and windage locking knobs
  • Center-Pivot 1st and 3rd axis adjustment
  • 2nd axis scope adjustment
  • Laser engraved sight scale markings
  • Interchangeable laser engraved aluminum yardage scales
  • Black anodized finish


  • Micro-click elevation with top and bottom knobs
  • Elevation click adjustment of .002?
  • One elevation turn = .0625?

Rapid Travel:

  • Rapid travel elevation with top and bottom knobs
  • One elevation turn = .250?


CBE Vertex 3D
CBE Vertex 3D

CBE Vertex 3D

CBE Vertex 3D

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