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Doinker Elite Estremo Hi-Mod Stabilizer - (EEHM)
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Doinker Elite Estreme Hi-Mod Stabilizer

Doinker Elite Estremo Hi-Mod Stabilizer - (EEHM) (2017)

The Elite Estremo gets a facelift for 2017 with the addition of the new Doinker EXO in place of the old Supreme damper. The modular EXO gives maximum vibration absorption, while providing the strength to easily hold 15 ounces or more of weights.

Featuring our MS1 Suppression mount technology. A vibration dampener featuring an internal steel weight suspended by two ITP dampeners at opposing ends.

Included with each Estremo rod is a complete set of the low profile, 1 ounce increment stainless steel Doinker 421 Weight System. Also included is a complete set of weight system screws.

Due to it's 0.640in outside diameter, this high modulus carbon rod is ideal for outdoor shooting situations where wind may be a concern, without sacrificing strength for supporting a large amount of weights for optimum stability.


  • EHM18 - 18 1/2in - 16.4oz
  • EHM28 - 28 1/2in - 17.4oz
  • EHM31 - 31 1/2in - 17.8oz
  • EHM34 - 34 1/2in - 18.3oz

Product code: EEHM

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