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Beiter Hood for Centralizer

Beiter Hood for Centralizer - black and blue colours
Beiter Hood for Centralizer - top
Beiter Hood for Centralizer - base
Beiter Hood for Centralizer - yellow and grey colours

Are you tired of having to clean out the clogged up Weight Adapter thread on your Beiter Centralizer? Are your fellow archers fed up with having their eyes nearly taken out or being impaled by the sharp exposed threads on your kit every time you pick up your bow? Are you embarrassed when you accidentally scratch your new shiny shoes or the sports centre's floor when you rest your bow momentarily?

Beiter now have the answer!...

The Beiter Hood is designed to snuggly fit on any unused exposed 1/4" threads on the Weight Adapter segments on your Centralizer setup.

All colours now available in store!


  • Blue
  • Hornet (yellow)
  • Flame (orange)
  • Black Oyster (perl. silver)
  • Grey Panther
  • Black Pearl (perl. blue)
  • Dauchingen Devil (red)
  • Black Forest (green)
  • White

Thread: 1/4"

Beiter Hood for Centralizer - fitted
Information supplied courtesy of Beiter...