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Spigarelli Top Rest
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Spigarelli Top Rest

Spigarelli Top Rest

Spigarelli were one of the first manufacturers to create a drop away style rest with mass market appeal in the mid 1990's and the Top Rest has been gradually tweaked and perfected ever since. Basically, the rest pulls into the up position by a length of rubber supplied with Top Rest to connect to the rest arm and the bow's cables. The length of rubber enables the rest to come into the fully up position about one inch before full draw. The rest of the draw length is taken up by the stretch in the rubber. When you release, the rest drops away, giving maximum clearance for the arrow.

The fully up and down positions are adjustable via two screws. The spring tension can also be adjusted. The windage adjustment can be made without disturbing the up and down positions.

  • The most popular drop-away arrow rest ever sold!
  • Superbly manufactured
  • Fully micro-adjustable in all directions

Parts supplied:

  • 1 x Top Rest (supplied fitted with rubber tube and small launcher arm)
  • 1 x Small launcher arm
  • 2 x Allen keys
  • 1 x Washer
  • 1 x Bolt
  • Parts list/construction diagram

Optional Items:

  • Small Launcher Arm
  • Large Launcher Arm