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M.T.R. Rest

Spigarelli MTR Rest

Introducing the Micro Tuning Rest (MTR) from Spigarelli, an updated version of the massively popular Z/T rest providing enhanced installation and tuning properties.

The main feature of the MTR is the ability to set the arrow position on the rest relative to the centre of the pressure button. While you are only likely to use this setting once, the regulation knob will allow you to move the nocking point.

The MTR rest shares many of the characteristics of the Z/T range of rests produced by Spigarellli.

Through the tuning process the high and low positions are found using the regulation knob and once the desired position has been located, this can be set with the grain stop which has a protective synthetic covered tip to prevent further movement or damage.

Horizontal and vertical adjustment of the magnets.

It is fixed on the bow using the included bolt and washer, which should be placed on the second provided hole which is found on 90% of the handles available today.

There is a sphere in the anterior part of the rest. It is made from a plastic material with a tongue placed behind it, which is used for resting against your bow. It provides for an secure setting.

The MTR is supplied with two different launcher arms to enable assembly on many different recurve handles.

  • Weight: 22g
  • 2 launcher arms included
  • Colour: black

Spigarelli MTR Rest
Spigarelli MTR Rest