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Cartel Shockeater

Cartel Shockeater:

Upgraded for 2015 with fresh graphics and CX500 Weight Damper.

The Cartel Midas Al/Nano Carbon Shockeater is constructed with lightweight but super strong 7075 aluminium alloy core and finished with high modulus cool metallic Nano Carbon. The cresting design on the shaft has been changed and the vibration absorber has been replaced by the CX500 Weight Damper for enhanced damping effect.

  • Material: 7075 Aluminium Alloy Core / Premium Black Nano Carbon
  • Outer Diameter: 19.5mm
  • Lengths:
    • 7in
    • 9in
    • 9in
  • Product code: 366490

Cartel Shockeater
Cartel Shockeater