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Infitec Fletching Jig

Infitec Fletching Jig:

The Infitec Fletching Jig is a metal framed compact sized fletching jig. With a fully collapsible design it is easy to set the angle at 45 degrees with the side pocket pin and the additional locking screw can reduce any unnecessary side movement. Features a chromium plated steel clamp with strong magnet and shaft rotating knob for a firm and precise setting.

  • Material: Aluminium
  • Fully collapsible design takes up less room in your archery case.
  • Rotating knob for precise setting
  • Product code: IF5011

Infitec Fletching Jig
Infitec Fletching Jig

Infitec Fletching Jig

Established in 2012, Infitec Archery has been formed to meet the new higher standards of serious modern archers.

The Infitec Archery company is a strong team of highly capable specialist manufacturers and experienced recurve and compound archery professionals from South Korea and the USA.

Infitec is a compound word of "infinite" and "technology" and the brand represents new ways of developing more advanced quality products based on a resources-infinite technology.