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Infitec Nexus Edge 3 Long Rod - SALE
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Infitec Nexus Edge 3 Long Rod:

Part of the Nexus Edge 3 range of products launched in 2017. The brand new Nexus Edge 3 is perfectly balanced and stable 15mm diameter full carbon stabilizer. Take your shooting accuracy to the next level with this thin and ultra stylish stabilizer. The 100% high modulus cross carbon shaft provides maximum durability despite the marrow 15mm diameter. Includes end weight and built-in vibration dampening system.

Infitec have devised an asthetically pleasing way to bridge the gap between the current fashion of thin stabilizers with the need for having a rubber damper and a compact weight system, where the desired weight versus diameter versus length calculation doesn't match up. The maths always say you need a wide diameter weight. By producing a hollow aluminium section sculpted to bridge the step between the narrow diameter carbon tube and the wide diameter weights, Infitec have used this space to house a very effective vibration dampening rubber which absorbs the shooting shock perfectly.

The Weight system is supplied as a 51g base weight and a 27g cap weight. The Damper system is made up of an aluminium outer casing with a removable threaded rubber core and black washer.

  • Colours:
    • Black
    • Blue
    • Red
  • Lengths:
    • 26in
    • 28in
    • 30in
  • Material: High modulus cross carbon
  • Diameter: 15mm
  • Thread: 5/16in
  • Includes end weight and built-in vibration dampening system
  • Product code: IF3301

SizeTotal WeightRod onlyWeight SystemDamper System
Infitec Nexus Edge 3 Long Rod
Infitec Nexus Edge 3 Long Rod - built-in vibration dampening system