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Spigarelli Z/T Rest - Model A

Spigarelli Z/T - Model A:

The Spigarelli Z/T series recurve wraparound rests are considered to be the industry standard and are aften found mounted on many different models of riser from the very cheap to the very expensive. The reason is the Z/T (zero tolerance) is a dependable and reliable rest that gives consistant results whilst providing the adjustment features that most archers need.

The Z/T Model A rest fits W&W, Sebastien Flute (SF), KAP and most other recurve risers. It is considered to be the Universal model in the Z/T range.

For all Hoyt models and the Samick Vision we recommend the Model C rest.

Spigarelli Z/T Rest for W&W INNO
Spigarelli Z/T Rest - Model A