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Beiter Distance Holder

Beiter Distance Holder

Beiter Distance Holder
*Colour may vary from picture

The Beiter Distance Holder is a useful tool designed to spread the string and cables on a compound bow making work such as renewing centre serving a doddle.

Where the Distance Holder scores over similar products is the compact size, meaning that it is easier to handle and also the cable guard ceases to be an obstacle.

The unique design feature of this tool are the rollers that the cables sit into. This enables the tool to be moved along the string whilst serving takes place.

The Distance Holder comes with four rollers which make it ideal for serving strings on a shoot-through cable system.

There are numerous features where it can be used to space the string from the cable guard. A diagramatic guide is included with every Distance Holder.

Initially produced in bright colours (yellow is currently stocked).

Information supplied courtesy of Beiter...