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Gillo UFO V Bar (GVB-K03)
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Gillo Gold Medal
Gillo UFO V Bar

Gillo UFO V Bar

Designed to fit to the lower round compartments of the Gillo GQ, GT and G2 risers. Allows unprecedented possibilities of balancing recurve Olympic bows, by up to 2 full kits for 25in risers. Kit includes 2x 35 degree and 2x 45 degree free rotating elements. Now available in gold, black and silver colour options.

  • Designed to fit the lower round seats of Gillo GT, GQ and G2 risers
  • Allows 4 different V-bar angles on horizontal plane: 90°, 80°, 70°, 60°
  • Allows infinite angles positions on vertical plane
  • Up to 2 UFO systems can be used at same time on GT, GQ and G2 risers
  • Aluminium Gold, Silver or Black colour anodized
  • Specifically designed for Gillo GS6, GS7, GS8 and GS9 stabilizers, also matches any other stabilizer on the market up to 20 mm diameter on base
  • 140g total weight

Gillo UFO V Bar - Silver

Gillo UFO V Bar - Black
Information provided courtesy of Gillo.