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Fivics Weight Damper

Fivics Weight Damper:

These are coloured rings designed to fit between the individual weights to provide additional damping cushioning the impact between the weights and also prevent the weights from loosening.

You can express your own personality by choosing various colours. Available in small and large sizes in black, red or blue colour options.

Small size suits Fivics MaxPro Weights or any 20mm diameter weights. Large size suits Fivics CEX5 Weights or any 22-23mm diameter weights.

Each pack contains three weight dampers. All three are same colour.

  • Diameter: 20mm (small) or 22mm (large)
  • Central hole diameter: 6mm
  • Colours: Black, Red or Blue
  • Sold in packs of 3
  • Fivics Product Code: WED-S and WED_L

Fivics Weight Damper
Information supplied courtesy of Fivics Archery