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Spot Hogg Swap Edge Rest (1 body)
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Spot Hogg
Spot Hogg Swap Edge

Spot Hogg Swap Edge

The Edge Swap is the FIRST fully micro-adjustable, target arrow rest on the market to include a quick detach feature. Utilizing all of the features you loved about the Edge, The SWAP technology gives the archer the ability to install, tune, remove, and re-attach the rest all while maintaining perfect accuracy and repeatability.

Being able to remove the rest, or easily swap between different bodies provides a number of highly favorable opportunities that, until now, have never been possible. While impossible to list all of its applications, the list below offers a quick look at some of the truly revolutionary opportunities the Edge Swap provides.

Safer Travel Edge Swap can be easily removed and stored in the included hard case.

Different Arrows Out of Same Bow Once the bar is installed you can swap seamlessly between different Edge bodies, each set up and tuned for a specific arrow size.

Experiment with different Tuning After installing and tuning one Edge body, remove it and replace with another body to experiment with different tunes. You can now experiment with blade angles/thicknesses, rest locations, and arrow configurations, without ever losing that original tune.

Peace of Mind - Blades break, they wear out, bows get knocked over, people fall down. Tune two Edge bodies identically and always have a backup that can be easily swapped in, eliminating any down time or missed targets.

The Edge Swap can be order as a single rest, or as a package with one bar and two bodies. Its available in right or left handed and comes with your choice of either a short or long mounting bar


  • Quick Detach Body
  • Optional Long or Short Mounting Bar
  • Self Locking Vertical Micro Adjust
  • Self Locking Horizontal Micro Adjust
  • Micro-Click Adjustable Blade Angle
  • Lockdown launcher with no bearing or bushing play
  • Self centering, easy to replace blades
  • Hard Sided Travel Case
  • Available in Right or Left Hand

Spot Hogg Swap Edge (2 bodies)

2 bodies model

Spot Hogg Swap Edge

Spot Hogg Swap Edge long and short arms

Long and Short arms

Information provided courtesy of Spot Hogg