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Mybo Ten Zone Scope - COLOURS
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Mybo Ten Zone Scope - COLOURS

Mybo Ten Zone Scope - COLOURS:

The ultimate scope for both target and field archers.

Produced by top competitive compound archers Chris & Ben Jones of Merlin.

Large diameter lenses gather more light and improve the optical performance of scopes. These improvements are a brighter image and better clarity.

Unfortunately, large diameter lenses are always fitted in large diameter housings. For accurate shooting, scopes need to be centralised inside the peep sight. Large diameter scopes do not fit because you can not see the housing. This could be costing you points! You can't just use a bigger peep hole, as you then loose clarity.

The Ten Zone utilizes a reduced rear housing, allowing easier centralising of the peep, while offering all the benefits of a larger diameter lens.

High quality, multi coated optics offers excellent brightness and clarity. Water repellant, anti static, anti-reflective. You name it - this lens has it! Comes complete with Nikon Microfibre cloth.

  • Precision CNC machined housing.
  • Interchangeable Lens.
  • High quality, interchangeable Nikon Lens.
  • Integral hood.
  • Large, fully visible level.
  • Stick on dots & circles.
  • Reduced rear housing diameter.
  • .50, .75 & 1.0 diopter lenses


  • Blaze Orange
  • Vivid Violet
  • Sonic Silver
  • Royal Blue
  • Lizard Green
  • Ice Blue
  • Cherry Red
  • Hot Pink

    Dimensions (approx.):
  • Outside Diameter (Widest Point) : 43mm
  • Length (Including Hood) : 42mm
  • Lens Diameter : 38mm
  • visual image diameter : 29.5mm

*The lens is housed in the centre of the scope so offers equal shade from the front hood and rear housing.


Information provided courtesy of Merlin