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Oak Ridge Bryon riser
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Oak Ridge
Oak Ridge Bryon - Black


Oak Ridge Bryon riser

The 21 inch Bryon hunting riser from Oak Ridge is a CNC machined extrusion riser with an ILF (International Limb Fitting) pocket allowing for a vast range of possible limb options. Complete with a modern limb alignment system and an attractive wooden grip, the Bryon weighs in at 1125g and is available in a range of anodized or dipped matt colours in RH and LH models.

  • Length: 21in
  • Direction: RH and LH
  • Weight: 1125 gr.
  • Fitting: ILF
  • Features: Machined extrusion riser, with limb alignment system, wooden grip, anodized or dipped matt colours


  • Black
  • Smoke
  • Bronze
  • Tactical (dipped)
  • Harvest Moon (dipped)

Oak Ridge Bryon - Smoke


Oak Ridge Bryon - Bronze


Oak Ridge Bryon - Tactical


Oak Ridge Bryon - Harvest Moon

Harvest Moon