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Gillo GX 25in riser
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Gillo Gold Medal
Gillo GX 25in riser

Gillo GX 25in Riser

The younger brother of the Gillo GT 25in riser, specifically designed to cover the market segment of young archers, women and elders, allowing them to profit from the same technology incorporated in the GT range of risers as far as poundage adjustment is concerned but with a much lighter mass weight of 1170g compared with 1350g of the equivalent GT model. It is also cheaper!

The GX features 30% adjustment for poundage with the GT floating limb pockets.

Light weight riser with slimline grip supplied as standard.

Much lower cost than the equivalent GT model.

  • Recurve and Bare Bow riser
  • ILF Limbs compatible
  • Floating limbs pockets allow over 30% poundage adjustment range
  • Limbs pockets compatible with GT limbs pockets
  • Yellow color Integrated Neoprene shock absorbers
  • 24.5 inch length, RH and LH versions
  • Body and Pockets machined from solid Aluminium bar
  • Matte sandblasted anodized surface
  • Aluminium 7075 Limbs alignment plates
  • Special round seats for optional balancing weights
  • Stainless steel limbs bolts assembled in AL 7075 Silver anodized bodies
  • G03-YG-RH-M-YL Advanced 3D plastic slim grip
  • 1 front center Stainless Steel stabilizer bushing,
  • Compatible to all G1 ,GQ, GT and G5 Bare Bow weights, grips and accessories
  • Approx. 1170 g mass weight
  • Limb poundage advised max limit - 40lbs
  • Dual Colour versions RH: Black (SBK), Blue (SBL), Purple (SPR), Green (SGR), Red (SRD), Gold (SGO)
  • Dual Colour versions LH: Black (SBK), Blue (SBL), Red (SRD)
  • Packing includes long clicker plate, Manual with Warranty card, 4 Allen wrenches, 5 cliker and BB weights SS screw, 2 bolt locking Brass grub screws
  • Gillo Product Code: G12M-RSI-25

Optional accessories available:

  • G04-DK6-AL/SS 6 disk weights kit (Al Black, SS Gold)
  • G01-DK6 6 Stainless Steel disk weights kit
  • G05-DK2 2 steel disk heavy weights kit
  • G03-DK2-TG 2 Tungsten disks Gold color
  • G02-CKK Plastic clicker plates in different colours and length
  • G01-BW-01 Bare Bow covers from 270 gr to 830 gr
  • G01-BW-02 Bare Bow Covers from 400gr to 1170 g
  • G03-BW-03 The Hammers Bare bow kit, AL or SS
  • G04-BW-04 Bare Bow covers from 300 to 950 g
  • Various Plugs to cover bottom weights holes, made by wood or plastic 3D printed in various colors
  • Various grips made by wood or plastic 3D printed in various colors

Hole Thread sizes:

  • Limbs Bolts - M8
  • Limbs Bolts side locking - 4 x M5
  • Limbs Pockets side locking - 4 x M6
  • Alignment plate inner locking - 2 x M6
  • Alignment plate side locking - 4 x M5
  • Front stabs - 1 x 5/16-24 UNF
  • Cushion plunger - 2 x 5/16-24 UNF
  • Clicker and Clicker plate - 3 x M4
  • Optional cover - 4 x M4
  • Sight - 2 x 10-24
  • Grip - 2 x M4

Gillo GX 25in riser colours

Information provided courtesy of Vittorio Frangilli.