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Carter Rx Wrist Releases

The Doctor Says, “Take One Rx In The Evening And Call The Taxidermist In The Morning!”

The new Rx series of releases from Carter is the prescription for any of the hardcore bowhunters and target archers. The Rx1 and Rx2 are the new releases that were collectively inspired by World renowned hardcore Bowhunter Dr. Randy Ulmer, Champion target archer Michael Braden and were designed by Carter.

The Rx1 and Rx2 are simply the fastest, quietest and most accurate wrist strap release on the market today. The Rx series features a brand new magnetic hook return that automatically closes with a simple squeeze of the finger. This unique self closing, open hook design is perfect for trouble free shooting from a string loop, all while giving a perfect release, and unparalleled speed which has come to be expected from Carter.

The Rx series also feature the Interchangeable Tension System (I.T.S.). The system that was developed by Carter to give the ultimate trigger tensions adjustment option to the archer. With the I.T.S., regardless of your preference in trigger tension, you will be able to achieve it without adding in unwanted trigger travel. To add to the list the Rx1 and Rx2 come standard with a premium fully adjustable leather buckle strap made by Scott. These combined features enable the archer to have countless adjustment options to suit every shooting style.

The Rx2 features a reverse pivoting hook. This reverse jaw feature is very important for archers with full cheeks, beards or hunting face masks as it allows the string to exit the jaw away from the face without any interference. The Rx1 has a standard position hook that is opposite the index trigger. The Rx1 and Rx2 are both a sure bet to provide target accurate arrow flight.

Dr. Ulmer has gone on record to say that he has finally found the ultimate hunting release in the new Rx2! The Doctors orders are to take one Rx in the evening and call the taxidermist in the morning!

  • The fastest, quietest and most accurate wrist strap release available
  • Magnetic hook return automatically closes with a simple squeeze of the finger for a fast and quiet D-loop hook up (Rx2)
  • Interchangeable Tension System» for trigger tension adjustment
  • Fully adjustable Scott leather buckle strap
  • Also available in standard position hook (Rx1)


Rx2 Wrist Release
Rx2 model
Rx1 Wrist Release
Rx1 model
Scott Wrist Strap for Carter Rx Series
Scott Wrist Strap
Information supplied courtesy of Carter Enterprises.