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Cartel X-Pert Scope - Black

Cartel X-Pert Scope

Cartel X-Pert Scope

New model for 2005. One word sums up the X-Pert Scope best... ENORMOUS! Yes, it's big. The 48mm diameter body houses a 42mm diameter lens with good optics and a central hole.

  • Lenses: (dioptes)
    • 0.50
    • 0.75
    • 1.00
  • Lens Diameter: 42mm (1 5/8")
  • Lens held in place by 42mm diameter threaded ring
  • Lens type: Standard anti-reflective coated
  • Central hole accepts supplied flu pins
  • Scope body colour: Black
  • Scope body is fully LH/RH interchangeable
  • Body dimensions: 48mm diameter (max) x 23mm depth
  • Mass Weight: 35.5g
  • Thread rod: 10-32
  • Thread rod length: 6.4cm (2.5")
  • Green level bubble
  • Bubble size: 3.0cm (L) x 1.0cm (Dia) (1 3/16" (L) x 3/8" (Dia))