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Shrewd Optum - Ring System
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Shrewd Feather Vision Verde Vitri Optum Lens + Housing

Shrewd Optum Ring System

Fibre pin system from Shrewd. For 35mm and 40mm Optum scopes (one size fits both). Tubing and fibre preinstalled - simply screw ring to scope. Fibre can be easily exchanged to preferred colour. Extra fibres included of alternative colours. Several pin size options available.


  • Optum Ring system (O.R.S.) for the 35mm and 40mm Optum Scope
  • This must be used in conjunction with an Optum Scope
  • The Optum Ring System (O.R.S.) makes it possible for shooters to change pin positions, fiber color, or fiber size by swapping between multiple rings in seconds
  • Exterior fiber wrap that captures ambient light for a brighter pin
  • Adjustable fiber cover allows precise control over fiber brightness
  • Two 8-32 holes for installing a light in seconds
  • Eight pin positions
  • Threaded on the target side for optional sunshades and lenses
  • Only 40mm Optum sunshades will thread into the O.R.S.
  • Removable pin in keyway slot for perfect alignment every time
  • Made in the USA


  • Optum Ring body
  • Tubing for fiber (installed)
  • Fiber cover (installed)
  • Pin and fiber (not included with "no pin" option)
  • Blue, red, and green fiber included
  • Mounting screws (x2)

Information supplied courtesy of Shrewd Archery