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Beiter Insert Nock - 12 - SALE
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Beiter 12 Series Nocks

Beiter 12 Series Insert Nocks

Beiter Insert nocks for all shafts with standard size unibushes such as the Easton ACE, ACC, ACG, Carbon One, and the aluminium X7 and XX75 Platinum Plus shafts up to 1916 size, plus also direct fitting for shafts with an inner diameter of 0.166in or 4.24mm. For larger sizes such as 2014 and bigger please choose the Beiter 19 series insert nocks.

Size 1 (small), size 2 (large) and size H (hunter symmetric) style nock groove models in stock.

Beiter nocks are perhaps the best known manufacturers of nocks on the planet.

Their selection is vast. The number of colour options is huge.

The quality is unparalleled because all Beiter nocks of one size are manufactured in one single mould. This means you get the smallest tolerance between nocks!

Information supplied courtesy of Beiter...