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Fivics Saker 1 Tab

Fivics Saker 1 Tab:

First introduced a number of years ago as the Soma Saker Tab this model has become the world's number one competition level tab and not just based upon raw sales. With excellent build quality, technical knowhow as well as performance and results in international competition the Saker 1 backs up the number one status and makes it very hard to beat.

The tab is designed for use by professional shooters and beginners alike, and provide easy hooking and safe shooting.

Ergomechanic Saker finger tab. Optimal shooting performance can be achieved by controlling any excessive force at the hooking finger and the back of the hand through the adjustment of the thumb/little finger supporter.

Comfort and stability are central to the Saker tab's design and development. The center of weight is located rearward increasing stability during hooking and anchoring and ensuring a nice feeling release.

Each tab size has it's own individual plate colour. Small is gold, medium is red and large size is blue. We normally stock these three sizes in both RH and LH models. In addition, XXS, XS and XL sizes may be obtained on a special order basis direct from the Fivics factory. Please email us for details.

Stocked Models (anodized aluminum plate colour):

  • Small (gold)
  • Medium (red)
  • Large (blue)
(ie. Each size has a specific colour)

Soma Saker Tab Dimensions
SizeWeight (g)*A (mm)B (mm)

*Packaged weight

Soma Saker Cordovan Tab RH Large
RH Large
Soma Saker Cordovan Tab RH Medium
RH Medium
Soma Saker Cordovan Tab RH Small
RH Small
Fivics Saker 1 Tab Description
Information supplied courtesy of Fivics