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Beiter 5.2 Nocks

red, green, orange, clear heavy orange, white

The Beiter 5.2 nock size/model will fit the Carbon Tech 205 and shafts.

Beiter nocks are perhaps the best known manufacturers of nocks on the planet.

Their selection is vast. The number of colour options is huge.

The quality is unparalleled because all Beiter nocks of one size are manufactured in one single mould. This means you get the smallest tolerance between nocks!

Stocked Colours:

#10 RedYES
#20 GreenYES
#30 OrangeYES
#40 BlueX
#61 BlackX
#71 WhiteX
#51 Dark GreenX
#48 Dark BlueYES
#80 VioletX
#01 ClearX
#21 Heavy YellowX
#35 Heavy OrangeX
#57 Heavy GreenX
#89 Heavy PinkX

Please note some items featured here may not be in stock. However, we should be able to obtain any Beiter product normally within 2 weeks from the date of your order.

Information supplied courtesy of Beiter...