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Beiter Workstation 100

The Beiter Workstation 100 helps to keep your desk, counter or working table clean, holding different tools and accessories in place, needed to work on arrows, as for example glue, points, vanes, your Beiter Tri-Liner, Beiter Extractor, Beiter Wingholder, Beiter String Tool, Beiter Serving Shifter or the Deburring Tool, Plier, scissors, knives,...

Not only, the Beiter Workstation 100 is an aid while installing points and feltching up to 6 arrows at a time.

An archer may also easily store your winter arrows in summer and summer arrows in winter!

Black colour

Packing Unit:

  • 1 x Beiter Workstation 100 with 6 working spots
  • 15 x Bushings to shorten the tubes
  • 2 x Adpater (eg. for pencils)
  • Instructions for use

Beiter Workstation 100

Beiter Workstation 100
Information supplied courtesy of Beiter...