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WNS FC-100 riser
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WNS FC-100 riser

WNS FC-100 riser

The Win&Win RCX-100 riser has been replaced by the WNS FC-100. Designed around two carbon frames for maximum strength, this lightweight, high performing 25 inch carbon handle produced from Royal Cross Carbon uses Win&Win technology. International limb fitting (ILF). Different colour grips are supplied... Black riser (yellow grip), Blue riser (black grip), Red riser (black grip), White riser (yellow grip).

  • International Limb Fitting (ILF)
  • Light weight design for ease of handling.
  • Designed around two carbon frames for maximum strength.
  • Using Win&Win technologies.
  • Material: Royal Cross Carbon
  • Length Options: 25in
  • Weight: 1100g
  • Types: RH or LH
  • Finish: Carbon (various grip colours)