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Diamond Edge SB-1 PACKAGE
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Diamond Edge SB-1 PACKAGE (2018)

Cutting edge innovation is at the heart of every Diamond bow, and with the new Edge SB-1, archers can have the leader in ease of use, versatility, and adjustability. This bow is designed for the beginning archer looking to experience the thrill of hitting the bullseye, as well as the seasoned archer seeking the largest game.

Adjustability and versatility are key, and the Diamond Edge SB-1 makes it a breeze. The Edge SB-1 features 63 lbs of limb adjustment and the EZ Adjust pocket system makes setting it anywhere in between a snap. The adjustability doesn't stop there, Rotating Modules allow for 15 inches of draw length, sure to fit almost every archer.

Powering the new Edge SB-1 is the Certified Bowtech Synchronized Binary Cam system, generating unmatched accuracy and blazing speeds up to 318 feet per second.

Want to learn more? Access for the most extensive library of videos featuring tip and tricks on bow set-up, shooting form and techniques, and insight on the archery lifestyle.

It's time to get out and shoot. This is Your Bow.

Package Includes:

  • R.A.K. custom sight
  • Octane Hostage Max rest
  • Five-inch Ultra-Lite Octane stabilizer
  • Octane Deadlock Lite Quiver
  • Comfort wrist sling
  • Carbon peep
  • BCY string loop


  • Draw Weight: 7-70lbs
  • Draw Length: 15-30in
  • Mass weight: 3.6lbs
  • Axle-to-axle: 31in
  • Effective Let-off: 80%
  • Brace Height: 7in
  • Kinetic Energy: -
  • IBO Speed: 318 fps


  • Black
  • Breakup Country
  • Electric Blue
  • Purple Blaze

Download Manual (496 KB)

Diamond Edge SB-1 PACKAGE - Black


Diamond Edge SB-1 PACKAGE - Purple Blaze

Purple Blaze

Diamond Edge SB-1 PACKAGE - Electric Blue

Electric Blue

Information provided courtesy of Diamond Archery