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TRU Ball Short-N-Sweet R S1 - with Velcro Strap
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TRU Ball
TRU Ball Short-N-Sweet'R S1 Velcro

TRU Ball Short-N-Sweet'R S1 Velcro

The ever popular Short-N-Sweet got Short-N-Sweet'R in 2018! The Short-N-Sweet'R is lighter and smaller with a tubular shaped body allowing less obstruction in your hand and makes it easy to tuck into your sleeve while not in use.

This new Short-N-Sweet'R release contains the same feather-light, non-collapsing straight forward trigger that was popular with the Short-N-Sweet S1 and a single travel screw for adjusting the feel of trigger pressure to customized, individual preferences. The quick-loading, open-hook design allows the hunter a speedy and secure connection for the string loop without needing to take eyes of of the prized game.

The new Short-N-Sweet'R also comes standard with the new Cinch Strap; a micro-adjustable web strap that contains a single socket head cap screw that is loosened to make an adjustment for infinite draw length settings, and then tightened to lock the webbing into desired position.

The new Short-N-Sweet'R is available with a black anodized head and your choice of Camo Velcro or Black Buckle strap in Junior, Large, and X-Large sizes.

Keep your eye on the prize.