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TRU Ball Fang GS - with Velcro Strap
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TRU Ball
TRU Ball Fang GS - Velcro

TRU Ball Fang GS - Velcro

The Fang Series of wrist strap models include the Fang, Fang RC and Fang GS. The Fang Series is a superior ergonomic hook style release, featuring a rubber insert in the trigger for improved feel and traction.

Two different triggers are included in the package, a forward/straight trigger for more draw length and speed, or a comfort/relaxed trigger.

The Fang Series features a two screw trigger sensitivity setting, a separate trigger travel adjustment screw and separate trigger pressure setting screw. Combine these adjustments with your choice of three varied weight springs. The entire fang series tucks away easily in a sleeve, the Fang RC (rope style connection), the Fang (web style connection) or the Fang GS (tubular/globo swivel connection). All are adjustable in length to fit virtually any size draw length or anchor point. The added look of a red anodized hook and trigger can be paired with a black buckle or camo Velcro® strap. Black leather buckle Plus/Stinger rope strap model.

  • Fang GS (tubular/globo swivel connection)
  • Black anodized head
  • Globo strap connection
  • Camo Velcro Globo strap model