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Beiter Nock Depot

The ideal storage device for Beiter Nocks.

Fed up with losing or sorting through your assorted Beiter nocks? The Beiter Nock Depot is the answer!

The main features of the Beiter Nock Depot are:

  • Holds up to 12 Beiter Nocks (6 per side)
  • Space to note the nock model and colour specifications.
  • If you have many different nock colours and/or nock sizes you can distinguish between them without any problem!
  • Can be used to install nocks and also aligning vanes or feathers!
  • Beiter Nock Depots can be stored in the bow-case, tackle-box and/or quiver: the nocks will always be sorted and ready to use! You may also hang the Nock Depot on the quiver (two holes on the top of the tool can be used for it!)

Beiter Nock Depot
Stores up to 12 nocks. (No, the nocks are not included in the price)
Beiter Nock Depot
Available in either #1, #2 or Hunter models
Information supplied courtesy of Beiter...