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Beiter Centralizer Spare Parts


Endcap for Beiter Centralizer
Beiter Endcap - single - black
2x covers, 4x stoppers, 4x M4x14 screws
The complete model features 1x endcap (central piece) plus 2x covers, 4x stoppers, 4x M4x14 screws

Most customers tend to buy their Centralizer with a Weight Adapter piece included, giving them the option of adding additional weight to the end of their stabilizer setup. However, many find that they do not require additional weight so they now have two options... i) Buy a Hood or ii) Buy an Endcap piece.

All colour options and accessories are kept in stock.

  • Options:
    • Single (just the central piece only)
    • Complete (the central piece plus 2x covers, 4x stoppers, 4x M4x14 screws)
  • Colours (central piece):
    • Blue
    • Black
  • Cover colours:
    • Blue
    • Hornet (yellow)
    • Flame (orange)
    • Black Oyster (perl. silver)
    • Grey Panther
    • Black Pearl (perl. blue)
    • Dauchingen Devil (red)
    • Black Forest (green)
    • White

Information supplied courtesy of Beiter...