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Beiter Pin V Bar

Beiter Pin V Bar

Designed to complete the Beiter Centralizer system.

The Beiter Centralizer is available with a 16mm (normal) or 28mm long thread for the Bowadapter. Use the 28mm long thread version if you want to fit the Beiter Pin V Bar directly onto the bow, Beiter Extender or Beiter Extender with Pins.

Bowadapter Threads:

  • 5-16/24 x 28mm,
  • M8x1 x 28mm or
  • M8 x 28mm

Accepts 5/16" thread short rods.


  • Black
  • Silver


  • 90x0 degrees
  • 90x17 degrees
  • 70x0 degrees
  • 70x17 degrees

*The 90 or 70 refers to the horizontal angle. The 0 or 17 refers to the vertical angle.


  • Direct and easy fixation of the Pin V Bar to the bow, the Beiter Extender or the Beiter Extender with Pins. NO EXTRA SCREWS ARE NEEDED!
  • You can fix the Pin V Bar on the bow with mounted Side Rods.
  • Together with the Extender with Pins, you will have a SECURE fixation on the bow - no more loose V Bar!
    [DO not use the Pin V Bar as a lever to tighten the system on to the bow - ONLY use it to position it correctly.]

Beiter Extender with Pins

Beiter Extender with Pins

Beiter V Bar attached to the Extender with Pins

Beiter V Bar attached to the Beiter Extender with Pins (4in std blue)

Information supplied courtesy of Beiter...