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Beiter Weight Adapter (G) for Centralizer - single - Blue

Blue with 1/4in (OUT) thread

Beiter Weight Adapter (G) for Centralizer - single

By default, all Beiter Centralizers are supplied with Weight Adapter end segments giving you the opportunity to add weights if necessary. Normally the thread in a 1/4in (OUT) style but it is also possible to purchase a 5/16in (IN) hole style (Beiter Adapter (IN) for Extender - single).

The Weight Adapter (G) Single is just the central part as pictured here. It is available in either black or blue colours with either a 1/4in thread or a 5/16in threaded hole (Beiter Adapter (IN) for Extender - single).

To make a complete unit you will need one Weight Adapter (G) Single plus 2x covers, 4x M4x14 screws and 4x stoppers. These parts are available separately and also as a kit, see Weight Adapter (G) - Complete in store.

All colour options and accessories are normally kept in stock.

  • Threads: 1/4in (OUT) or 5/16in (IN) (Beiter Adapter (IN) for Extender - single)
  • Colours: Black or Blue

Beiter Weight Adapter (G) for Centralizer - single - Black

Black with 1/4in (OUT) thread