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Bohning Original Pin Nock

Previously branded as the Blazer Pin Nock. The Bohning Original Pin Nock has a standard size throat.

Features a beefed-up design to give improved durability. Smooth throat for a clean release. Available in store in apricot (fl orange), lime (fl green), rose (fl red), black and white colour options. Stocked in standard throat size 0.120in. Each nock weighs 5 grains. Pack of 12 nocks.

  • Standard groove size - 0.120in
  • Weight: 5 grains
  • Pack quantity: 12 pcs


  • Apricot (AP) - [fl orange]
  • Lime (LM) - [fl green]
  • Rose (RS) - [fl red]
  • Black (BK)
  • White (WH)

Bohning Blazer Pin Nock stocked colours

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Bohning Blazer Pin Nock Bohning Blazer Pin Nock Colours - Apricot, Lime and Rose

Bohning Blazer Pin Nock fitted to Alternative Triple Pins
Bohning Original Pin Nock fitted to Pins (available separately)