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Shocq Competitor riser
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Shocq Competitor riser

Standard screw limb fitting 25 inch riser from Shocq.

Shocq have created a balanced riser design with increased weight over wooden models, offering increased durability and stability. Together with an attractive price point for clubs and beginners, the Shocq Competitor is an excellent value riser.

Accepts simple and secure standard screw fitting limbs, which can be installed without the need for hex key.

Supplied with a comfortable plastic grip and includes mounting holes for accessories such as stabilizers, sight, pressure button and rest.

Finished in a range of painted matt colour options including black, blue and red.

  • Accepts standard screw fitting limbs
  • Riser length: 25 inches
  • RH only
  • Painted colours: Black, Blue, Red

Shocq Competitor
Shocq Competitor riser colours

Shocq Competitor riser limb pocket