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Introducing the 2011 New Generation 5 Doinker.

The 1 1/2in diameter Gen-5 will work on any 1 1/8in Doinker Supreme and includes a long bolt to make it all work.

The Gen-5 is a hybrid Doinker. It is a mix of the classic style Doinker combined with the Doinker Supreme's adjustability.

This Doinker has a softer feel to it and is ideal for the archer that doesn't use a lot of weight at the end of the stabilizer.

  • Weight: 24.5g
  • Dimensions: 35mm dia x 23mm length (rubber)
  • Thread: 1/4in

Product code: GEN-5

New Doinker Gen-5

New Doinker Gen-5

New Doinker Gen-5
Information provided courtesy of Leven Industries, USA...
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