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Beiter Compound Rest

Beiter have not just moved the goal posts with their new Compound Rest, more redesigned the entire game!

At first glance, the Beiter Compound Rest looks excessively big and bulky. It's true. It is big. Very big. But as soon as you take it into your hands you will notice that the weight is relatively low... and it is not just an impression. Werner Beiter used thermpolasts wherever possible to reduce weight, but still allowing as much stability as possible.

Werner Beiter has developed a revolutionary horizontal and vertical adjustment, which allows adjustments as precise as 0.2mm. You could move the rest instead of the sight to move your group into the center!

There are two Guidance Plates designed to minimize the oscillation of the launcher while the arrow leaves the bow, but they also have the ability to change the launcher stiffness.

The Beiter Compound Rest comes factory fitted with one Launcher blade 0.25mm for Small Diameters. There is also a second launcher for Large Diameters included.

The Beiter Compound Rest will not accept launcher blades from other manufacturers although the Beiter Launchers may themselves be fitted to other rests.

Overdraw Model:

Beiter have two overdraw style models for their flagship compound rest. Both are FITA legal. The OD 88 model has a 28mm overdraw and suits all compound bows without REC risers. The OD 116 model has a 56mm overdraw and is particularly suited to the Hoyt Tec bows.


Some of the unique features of the new Beiter Compound Rest:

  • Horizontal and vertical movement without any fixation screw. The Rest can be adjusted without loosening or tightening any screw!
  • Highest precision, thanks to a revolutionary concept: the Rest can be adjusted without tolerances and play, with a precision not known until today.
  • Reproducable settings: both the vertical and the horizontal millimetric scale have a Vernier scale (like a caliper). Thanks to that, the Rest can be adjusted with a precision of 0,2mm! The setting can be reproduced, resulting in the arrow rest to have Zero play.
  • The launcher can be set in 2 different angles - 30 or 35- by changing two little blocks. So the angles can be re-set precisely.
  • Guidance Plates with bulge: Plates with different lengths can be installed on top and bottom of the launcher. These will change the stiffness of the launcher and avoid any oscillation after the shot, which most of the time is the reason of bad clearance. The bulge on the plates gives the launcher the chance to follow the horizontal path of the arrow leaving the bow.
  • Stainless Steel 5/16-24 screw with flat head and large diameter. The Spacer made out of a special plastic allows to fix the screw better. A counter screw with an elastomere pad avoids any marking on the bow handle.
  • Different Launcher sizes and thicknesses will be available to fit various arrow diameters and weights.
  • The Beiter Compound Rest will need an offset bracket on certain bows. 3mm or 6mm size brackets are available separately.
  • Originally, Beiter announced that the rest will not fit the Hoyt Carbon Matrix. This is no longer true. With a little cutting work on the metal plate it is possible to fit without affecting the Carbon structure of the handle.
  • Available in RH and LH models.

Basic Equipment:
1 Beiter Compound Rest with 5/16x28,5mm - mounting screw and counter screw with screw gate, mounted with launcher 4/0,25 for shafts up to approx. 7mm, guidance plates 22/0,3, tilting blocks 30 (black)

Included accessories:

  • 1 launcher 5/0,25 for shafts with approx. 7 to 9,3mm
  • 1 ea. set of guidance plates 26/0,3 and 17/0,3
  • 1 set of tilting blocks 35(white)
  • 1 ea. hex wrench 3mm and 5/16
  • 1 hex wrench tool 3mm
  • 1 hex wrench 2mm

Extra accessories and spare parts (not included):

Beiter Compound Rest

Beiter Compound Rest

Beiter Compound Rest

Beiter Compound Rest fitted to a Hoyt Carbon Matrix
Beiter Compound Rest fitted to a Hoyt Carbon Matrix
Beiter Compound Rest Overdraw
Beiter Compound Rest Overdraw diagrams
Beiter Compound Rest - Installation instructions (information as supplied with each rest)
Information supplied courtesy of Beiter...