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Skylon Innerfit Nocks ID4.2 (G) (pk/100)
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Skylon Innerfit Nock ID4.2 (G)

Skylon Innerfit Nock ID4.2 (G)

Low cost insert nocks with industry standard G fitting for shafts with internal diameter 4.2mm or G unibushes. The Skylon factory used Chinese army grade composite materials in the production. Available in recurve small groove size option in a wide range of solid and flu colours.

Sold in individual quantities or save money when purchasing the complete factory packaged quantities of 100 pieces.


  • Black
  • Flu Blue
  • Flu Green
  • Flu Orange
  • Flu Red
  • Flu Yellow
  • Solid Blue
  • Solid Green
  • Solid Orange
  • Solid Red
  • Solid Yellow
  • White