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TRU Ball HT Hybrid Flex
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TRU Ball

TRU Ball HT Hybrid Flex - black

TRU Ball HT Hybrid Flex

Best of both worlds is the new HT Hybrid Flex: The HT Hybrid Flex is a new all aluminum body release with a brass insert to increase the total mass weight. It is the best of both worlds by having the ability to shoot the release as the weight of the original aluminum HT, or by adding the included brass insert for practically the weight of the pro (4oz), an all new brass handle. Newly-added articulating finger pieces give the release the versatility of a three finger or four finger model, with all options included with the release.

The popular HT micro-adjustable speed dial sear with lock screw is standard on all HT Hybrid Flex releases, and an optional fast sear is sold separately. The HT Hybrid Flex features a black head and finger piece and is available in black, red, and blue handles in medium or large sizes. The standard small knurled thumb peg has two locations for a custom fit.


  • Aluminium body with brass insert for the option to increase the mass weight.
  • Tapered handle for an ergonomic fit.
  • Available with 3 and 4 finger extensions to match your preference.
  • Smooth index finger groove for easy pivoting, while grooves under other fingers ensure a secure hold.
  • Shaped for a quick and smooth shot sequence.
  • Multiple positions for thumb post.
  • Material: Aluminium with brass insert
  • Type: Hinge
  • Handle type: 3 or 4 finger (included interchangeable handles)
  • Available sizes: Medium or large


  • Medium - Black/Brass
  • Medium - Blue/Brass
  • Medium - Red/Brass
  • Large - Black/Brass
  • Large - Blue/Brass
  • Large - Red/Brass

TRU Ball HT Hybrid Flex - blue

TRU Ball HT Hybrid Flex - red