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Uukha Sx100 limbs
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Uukha Sx100 limbs

Uukha Sx100 limbs


The Sx100 features a 100% carbon content that places a high priority on stability, speed, and low weight. This limb is dedicated to archers seeking higher scores. Thanks to the S-Curve profile, the draw is easy and smooth. Vibration damping provides comfort.

Part of the 2021 Uukha Target range.

For 2021, we at Uukha are very excited to introduce our 4th generation of limbs. Every limb benefits from the newly enhanced S-Curve profile and our new limb bottom design. The performance increase is impressive, the draw seems effortless, and speed and stability have progressed again. The Uukha flying squirrel has never been as fast and accurate.

  • Sizes (25H): 66in, 68in, 70in, 72in
  • Poundages (25H): 24 to 48lbs in 2lb increments
  • Fitting: ILF
  • Finishes: Standard Matt Black, Standard Glossy Black, Small Decal Matt Black

What's new, in more details

The new S-Curve profile (S for Smoothness, Speed, and Stability) is a new generation profile that provides the best attributes of our previous Curve and Xcurve profiles.

Uukha Draw-Force Curve

Relative to previous Uukha limbs, the beginning of the draw (1) is as easy as the Curve profile, while the end of the draw (2) is as progressively smooth as the Xcurve profile. Stored energy (3) remains high, and speed has improved thanks to the overall design and construction.

We have minimized the limb's mass with a new S-shaped limb bottom, reducing maximum thickness, while keeping the ILF standard dimensions. The dovetail has been redesigned, saving the screw and lowering the stresses around the hole.

(NOTE: Formula adapters cannot be used with S-Curve limbs. An ILF riser is required.)

Uukha provides an improved sleeve to protect the limbs when they are disconnected for storage or transport. The outer fabric is scratch resistant and water repellant, while the new thick inner fleece protects the limb itself.

NOTICE - Uukha limbs are designed to offer the best performance within +/-5% of riser weight/tiller adjustment. If this is exceeded then performance will drop. If the limbs are overstressed the warranty will become void.

Uukha Sx100 Small Decal

Uukha Sx100 Standard Glossy

Uukha Target limb range

Uukha S Curve
Information supplied courtesy of Uukha